Cricket Anand

Venue: Sports Anand Sports Grounds, Venkapelly, Hyderabad.

Coverage of Cricket Anand Hyderabad-2. Go through the above You Tube Playlist

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What You Do

We organize cricket tournaments under the brand name of Sports Anand powered by ThoughtsNViews Sports and Services Pvt Ltd.

How We Do

We have experienced People who are/were part of Cricket Academies and have many years of experience. Our experienced staff validates ground, facility and make sure that all facilities should be properly provided.



2010 – Present

We have experienced umpires, who have very good feedback and evaluated by our Head Cricket Coach. Most of the umpires are HCA certified and less error prone.

Cricket Scorers

2014 – Present

We have experienced scorers who do cricket scoring in various applications and they are less error prone. We value your every run, wicket and catch. That’s what matter for player.

Video Recorder

2016 – Present

We have experienced videographers who covers the match with their high quality camera and published in You Tube, Facebook etc.

Live Commentators

2014 – Present

We have experienced people who can put the life in cricket with their amazing voice and cricket knowledge. This gives amazing experience of cricket to our viewers.

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